HRMS Software

Employee On-Boarding

Employee On boarding is the process in which there is a provision to add candidate details with employee basic details. New recruits get an opportunity to transform social and recital aspects of their jobs smoothly, and learn the knowledge, skills, and behaviours which in turn is required to function adequately within an organization. Read More

Offer Letter Generation

Offer letter Generation verifies on boarding Check list through HR/Admin which has the provision to create employment letter category. Basically the procedure of converting the data from the Input Form into a final Employment Letter. Read More

Employee Database

Employment database is a complete directory with a provision to add employees Basic, Career, Work Details & Educational Details. Employee asset allocation, Transfers, Transition & Promotion details will also be included in the same. Read More

Attendance Management

Attendance Management System is an essential tool for every organisation; this gives complete access to employees Shifts & Production plan creation which is integrated with the attendance machine. This could help an employer in deciding which employees are most suitable to work in the business, having employees who arrive to work on time means that the day-to-day tasks of the organisation will be fulfilled. Read More

Leave Management

Leave management System assists you personalize leave categories and organise complex leave strategies for any type of industry having locations in multiple countries. This results in time and cost savings as well as a rise in productivity of the organization. Read More

Payroll Management

Payroll management gives you the upper hand on all financial records of salaries for an employee, wages, bonuses and deductions. The cardinal mission of payroll management tool is to ensure that all employees are paid accurately and timely with the correct deductions and withholdings. Read More

Statutory Compliance

Statutory Compliance offers knowledge and insights that are imperative to getting your business statutorily and legally compliant. Provides continuous support and updates to help you manage the complexities of various legislations. Also pro-actively keep abreast of market dynamics peculiar to your business and offer regular legislative updates that will help you respond with agility to the constantly evolving landscape of statutes and labour laws. Read More

Claim & Reimbursements

Claims and Reimbursements an act of compensating your employees for an expense. Often, an employee is reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses when the employee incurs those expenses through employment or in an account of carrying out the commitments for third party or member. Basically non salary related claims i.e. Medical, travel, hotel stay or flight tickets reimbursement. Read More

Timesheet Management

Time sheet management Timesheets are primarily used to document the start and end time of the task or simply the duration of the task. It accommodates a detailed breakdown of tasks practised by the employee. Hence this information can be used for project costing, job estimation, tracking, client billing and payroll. Read More

Performance Management

Performance Management contains activities which ensure that objectives are consistently being met in a productive and efficient manner. It mainly focuses on the performance and production of an organization, a division, employee, or even the processes to build a product or service. Also termed as a process by which organizations marshal their resources, systems and employees to strategic objectives and priorities. Read More

Full & Final Settlements

Full and Final Settlements This comes in to the picture when an employee puts down his/her paper in order to resign from his/her respective job. EXIT interview is conducted through the HR and No Dues Certificate will be issued from his/her immediate boss. Read More

Employee Self Service & More

Employee self-service this resource has a Provision to View/print pay-slips for multiple months (salary slips + reimbursement pay slip) at the same time it also includes complete solution towards Yearly tax declaration and IT Statements. Here you have the ability to update/change personal information and View holiday list, HR Policy Manual, Reimbursements claim upload etc. Read More