Virtual Staffing - Process

The procedure followed to implement virtual staffing starts with the below mentioned steps:

1. Choosing the appropriate Recruitment Model:
Firstly, we analyse the assignment at hand. This is a process that involves procedural understanding of the project under consideration, post this our specialised business teams suggest the best recruitment module suited for implementation.

2. Deputation of appropriate virtual staff:
The second step involved is finding the perfect virtual employees for completion of the assignment. We define skills and parameters set for the requirement and source appropriate candidates through various channels. The advantage of Virtual staffing is that our clients do not need to worry and go through the tedious process of recruitement. Also deputation of these resources is done at sites with high end infrastructure, the cost of which is inclusive within the payment policies designed during the agreement.

3. Background Checks and Compliances:
Datacore Technologies carries out all background verifications through 3rd party for all virtual resources and ensures all compliances with respect to PF, ESIC, etc are met before deputation.

4. Project Planning and Implementation:
After the hiring of employees, the actual project implementation and execution is carried forward, here the virtual employees receive specifications and instructions from the client. Which then need to be stratergically implemented.Instructions to Virtual Employee are given on daily tasks, responsibilities and duties according to project deadline.

5. Reporting and Delivery:
A senior member/members from the client Supervises and Monitors Work of Virtual staff. We then send out timely reports and project modules to the clients, based on the set SLAs.
Datacore takes up the responsiblity for work output and delivery along with the client.

6. Training and Development:
Although, training and Development of virtual employees is done by the client, Datacore Technologies has a active participation in the same. We pay personal attention to these and also help in the formulation of HR Policy, Work Ethics Guidelines and Procedures are done along

7. Contract Renewals and Handovers:
Datacore Technologies ensures timely contract renewals and handover of projects according to set dealines. We also take care of Post Project Support for ongoing project. Thus the cycle continues and we ensure the clients meet the set targets.